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Netflix wrapper for macOS

A very simple proof-of-concept app for a WKWebView based app to allow viewing Netflix outside the browser on macOS. The goal is to somewhat allow a picture-in-picture style browsing and watching experience. There’s a bunch of similar apps on the Mac App Store, but this one is mine, and the idea is to keep it pretty lightweight (no majorly additive features).

Screenshot displaying the Netflix interface

Installation Instructions

Go to the page for the latest release and download the zipped app. You want the file labelled something akin to “”, and not the ones labelled “source code”.

Unzip the app, and drag it into your Applications folder. If you accidentally downloaded the source code, you’ll be quite confused, so go back a step and download the other zip file.

That’s all there is. Run and enjoy. I highly recommend watching “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23”; such an excellent show, and Krysten Ritter is amaze.


Copyright © 2018 Daniel Farrelly. Released under the BSD license.

App icon template is from the Bjango Templates repository, which are released under the BSD License, and are copyright © 2017 Bjango and Marc Edwards.

This project is not associated with, affiliated with, or endorsed by Netflix, Inc. A Netflix subscription is required to use this app. Please visit to verify that service is available in your country.